Thursday, June 29, 2017

Frozen Cake

Here's something the little girls would go crazy for as I recently found out. This Frozen cake took longer than usual to decorate due to me being surrounded by the girls throughout the whole process of decorating, from scratch. I have to admit though, I also got bit of help from the girls as they were passing me all the necessary tools for the cake to be finished ahead of time! They were really fun to work with!  😃

They were extremely excited to see the final stages of the cake being decorated. So there were lots of screaming and jumping in the kitchen, with a sleepless night they finally made it. No more screaming from the kids, at last! 😃

As you can see the cake turned out to be pretty amazing. The girls loved it. They couldn't take the eyes off the cake and the birthday party was really great, they had lots of fun by playing and singing together throughout the party. I guess, you could say that every cake has it's own fairy tail!