Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedding Cake

 This is my third wedding cake that I have made this year, and as you can see, it's a bit smaller wedding cake from the rest as it's only contains 3 layers of cake, but it's also a bit more elegant decoration. As usual, I make every layer of the cake different from each other as it tends to surprise the people in the wedding.

Here are the ingredients of this wedding cake:

Ingredients: 1st layer of the cake "chocolate cake" 
1. 250g butter
2. 300g dark chocolate 
3. 16 large eggs, separate the yolk
4. 300g walnuts
5. 200g sugar
6. 4 large spoons of flour

Ingredients: 2nd layer of the cake 
1. 12 large eggs, separate the yolk
2. 250g butter
3. 3 large spoons of flour
4. 300g dates
5. 2 packs of Vanilla pudding
6. 200g sugar
7. 300g walnuts

Ingredients: 3rd layer of the cake
1. 9 large eggs, separate the yolk
2. 3 large spoons of flour
3. 150g sugar
4. 300g walnuts
5. 2 large spoons of boiled coffee
6. 200g butter

After the you've baked the cake you should use fondant to cover and decorate the cake. I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows how to make fondant, and for those who don't know please feel free to ask. So, after you covert the cake with fondant, make sure you smooth up the surface of the fondant so the cake won't look a bit wobbly. Do the same process on all the three layers and finally, use your creativity and taste in order to place the flowers on the cake, it should look really great. For those who don't know how to make fondant or flowers for the cake, please feel free to ask me.....or google search it! :)